Turf Care

Caring for your lawn is easy if you follow the following basic steps. Roll your lawn in the spring to firm and level the ground following the winter frosts. If necessary aeriate compact or damp areas with a fork. Or for larger areas an aerator can be hired from a local hire shop


Mow your lawn regularly and avoid cutting too low. Never cut more than 30% of the grass leaf area off in one mow. During the peak growing months of May – September it may be necessary to mow your lawn 2 – 3 times a week.

Remember a sharp mower blade whether cylinder or rotary will cut the grass stalks without ripping or damaging.


Feed your lawn with small doses of a Nitrogen (N) rich fertiliser every 4 – 6 weeks through the growing season (or as directed on the product). This will ensure a lush appearance and reduce the risk of disease. Use a more balanced fertiliser (N, P, K) in the Autumn to help maintain a healthy lawn through the Winter months.


Even the best cared lawn will suffer from occasional weed growth caused by airborne seeds, bird droppings etc A healthy lawn will protect itself from weed invasion as weeds need bare earth patches and areas or sparse turf in which to grow. Regular feeding and mowing will help keep your lawn dense and healthy and prevent weed invasion.

Toadstools and fairy rings – These are on the whole unobjectionable and occur in good soil that is high in organic matter. Simply brush away.


  • Fusarium – A common fungal disease often seen after prolonged periods of laying snow. Shown as areas of yellowing and then brown grass. Use a fungicide chemical spray.
  • Red Thread – Red and bleached areas of grass. Feed regularly to allow the grass to grow through the disease or apply a fungicide chemical spray.

The time and effort made little and often with good quality mowers and the ability to quickly address problems which appear will keep your lawn healthy for many years to come

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